Apologetics: The Art of Defending Faith

Our way of growing in the Faith is by knowing Him more clearly, loving Him more dearly and following Him more nearly, day by day. But there are also moments when we need to be involved in Apologetics (defense of the faith). In this regard, the following press release has been provided to the local newspapers:

What Went on at The 1977 St. Louis Congress of the Episcopal Church?
The 1977 Episcopal Church Congress at St. Louis brought about the change from the 1928 Book of Common Prayer to compromise theology and liturgy, sowing seeds for the current spiritual and moral crisis in the church today. What REALLY happened at the Congress? Come and listen to the inside story from the person who gave the opening address at the Congress in 1977. Captain Walt R. Swindells, member of the United Episcopal Church of North America, a traditional Episcopal church continuing in the faith once given to the saints, will speak this Sunday, April 24th at 9:00 am at St. Gabriel�s Episcopal Church (UECNA), 1803 W. Emma Avenue, Springdale. All are welcome.

Please take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to learn about historic events which led to the establishment of the Anglican Continuum.

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