With all due respect to the Holy Father, the question opens up a pandora box leaving people bewildered and left to construe if the Spiritual leader was making a nuance with regard to the moral teaching of the Church. Even though such an expression, ‘who am I to judge’ is being spun in multifarious ways by the media, I’m absolutely positive that the Holy Father will safeguard the teaching of the Scriptures and the Church. By virtue of The Apostolic Succession and the authority of the Pontificate, he does have the right to judge and it is a mandate of the Bishop of Rome. The world looks up to the Pontiff for guidance. And moreover,the authority stems from the Lord Jesus Himself:

Overnight Moralists and Theologians of our times

These days we as a nation are being represented as a country that constructs morality as it goes along, constructing social realities as they perceive it. This definitely has its impact on morality and the result is moral relativism